DME Academy

Keeping your athlete in the game. We are here to take good care of your athletes, families and fans.

Halifax Health is the DME community’s healthcare partner. Halifax Health is continually evolving from being hospital-centric to more of a full-service health system as there is more ambulatory care, more fitness and wellness focus, and more community activities, so our sports partnerships are synergistic. Our philosophies are very much alike in that we want to take good care of your athletes, your families, and your fans.

What This Means for You and Your Athlete

Medical personnel will be on-site at select events to take quick action should an injury or emergency occur
› If an athlete gets injured during an event, practice or conditioning, you will have an
arranged liaison at Halifax Health, dedicated to coordinating care for any DME
athletes who come to the emergency department or need hospitalization
› Athletes and staff will have access to a fitness assessment and nutritional education
› Access to a higher level of medical care at DME Sports events