HaliFLEX Positions

HaliFLEX is designed to provide nurses better scheduling options so they can customize their ideal work/life balance. Nurses in the HaliFLEX program care for patients on various units, as needed, providing a great opportunity for professional growth and experience throughout the Halifax Health system.

What our nurses love about HaliFLEX

  • Flexibility – nurses are able to select their preferred shifts. 
  • Variety – nurses will gather a variety of clinical experiences from working in multiple specialty areas.
  • Compensation – nurses receive higher compensation than permanently assigned positions.

Units that utilize HaliFLEX nurses: 

  • Medical/Surgical: Neuroscience, Orthopedics, Telemetry, Bariatrics, Oncology, Cardiac Intermediate Care, Cardiac Progressive Care Unit as well as Med/Surg at Halifax Health Medical Center of Port Orange.
  • Critical Care: Cardiac Intermediate Care, Cardio Vascular ICU, Medical ICU, Surgical ICU, Cardiac Progressive Care Unit, as well as ICU at Halifax Health – Medical Center of Port Orange
  • Emergency Department: All locations – Daytona Beach, Port Orange and Deltona

HaliFLEX Tier Levels

Tier One

Tier Two

Pay Rate (nightshift differential 18%, no weekend differential)



Minimum Required Shifts Per 6 Weeks 

3 shifts (12-hr)

6 shifts (12-hr)

Weekend Requirement (Friday 7:00 pm – Sunday 7:00 pm) per 6 Weeks

1 shift (12-hr)

3 shifts (12-hr)

Hard-To-Fill-Requirement  (Nightshift is the night of the holiday)

1 Fall/Winter

1 Spring/Summer

2 Fall/Winter

2 Spring/Summer

If you’re a registered nurse and want a flexible schedule, while working in multiple specialty areas, HaliFLEX is a great opportunity for you.

See available HaliFLEX positions below.

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