Student Nurse Intern Program

Gain confidence and hands-on experience working at Halifax Health.

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Become a Student Nurse Intern at Halifax Health

Halifax Health offers registered nursing students who
are actively enrolled in an accredited program the opportunity to learn on-the-job skills. 

Accelerate Your Education

The Student Nurse Intern Program at Halifax Health provides student nurses the opportunity to build skills and enhance understanding of nursing professionalism in the health care setting. Student opportunities include job shadowing, clinical experience, nonclinical experiences, patient care and more.


  • Multidisciplinary Shadowing available in areas such as respiratory therapy, case management, dialysis, MRI, radiology outpatient care unit, diagnostic outpatient care unit, phlebotomy, same day surgery, the operating room, post-anesthesia care unit, wound care, physical therapy, palliative care and the telemetry information center (TIC).
  • Get to know the hospital’s units, identify the role of the registered nurse, observe the patient population in the care area, practice hands on skills under the direction of a licensed registered nurse and apply the knowledge learned in the multidisciplinary shadowing to be a productive member of the team.
  • Improve the transition to your licensed role, make an informed choice on your senior practicum location, choose a location that is right for you and that you are right for, get to know your colleagues before you transition to the unit and you can begin specialty education (stroke/trauma/EKG) as a part of your biweekly hours.

Program Requirements

  • Open to registered nursing students who are actively enrolled in an accredited nursing program, and have started at least their first semester
  • 16 hours biweekly, flexible scheduling

Hands-On Training

Multidisciplinary Shadowing

Flexible Scheduling

Hospital Environment

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