Suzanne Lovelady

Headshot of Suzanne Lovelady Vice President, Quality, Infection Control, Performance Improvement; and Patient Safety Officer

Suzanne Lovelady is responsible for daily operations and direction for improvements around quality of care delivery, patient safety, regulatory compliance with Joint Commission and CMS standards, environment of care and building safety, infection prevention and performance improvement.

Suzanne has more than 28 years of experience in healthcare.  She started her nursing career at the bedside in the areas of oncology and bone marrow transplant.  During those nine years of hands-on nursing care she developed a passion for quality and patient safety which led to a career move into the specialty of quality improvement.

For the past 17 years she has served in progressive quality improvement leadership roles ranging from manager to vice president in acute care hospitals of variable size and complexity of services.  In these roles Suzanne effectively led efforts around improving care delivery, patient safety, and patient experience while ensuring adherence to local, state and national regulatory standards.  Her expertise and operational knowledge spans across the areas of quality improvement, risk management, patient safety regulatory compliance, infection prevention and medical staff operations.