Lohman Libre Challenge

Abbott Laboratories and Help a Diabetic Child have partnered to create the Lohman Libre Challenge. The challenge will last a month and start on Monday, January 18. It includes a 14-day free trial of the Abbott Libre Continuous Glucose Monitor upon registering, education offered by Abbott Laboratories, and a 30 day supply of Libre sensors after the completion of the 14-day initial trial. Those that sign-up will have the CGM shipped to them or are able to pick it up at the pharmacy that is involved with the challenge.

Help a Diabetic Child will cover the cost of sensors for those who are not able to afford them or those that can’t get it covered by insurance.

Abbott Laboratories will also be distributing complimentary nutrition bags to those who completed the challenge.

The Challenge will conclude with an in-person event on Tuesday, February 16, 2021 from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm at Halifax Health Medical Center, France Tower Meeting Room E.

To sign up for the Challenge and learn more, please go to helpadiabeticchild.org/librechallenge