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Updated Visitation Policy

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  • March 23, 2020
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DAYTONA BEACH, FLA. – (October 1, 2020) – Halifax Health is implementing a new visitation policy for its Daytona Beach, Port Orange and Deltona hospitals in response to concerns about the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). 

General visiting hours are 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Due to the critical or sensitive nature of some units (critical care, emergency department, behavioral health services, etc.) visiting hours may be more restrictive. See department specific sections of this policy.

Patients will be permitted two visitors each calendar day.

For reasons of:

  • Reducing the risks of Covid-19
  • Providing a quiet healing environment
  • Providing greater safety for patients and staff

Children should always be accompanied by an adult. Children under 14 years old will not routinely be allowed to visit, however, exceptions may be made based on circumstance and in conjunction with the healthcare team.

Visitors with fever or other signs/symptoms of infectious processes will not be permitted to visit.

In special situations, and adult family member/support person may be allowed to stay overnight with a patient if the patient is in a single room and the stay would contribute to the wellbeing of the patient. The family member/support person must be able to safely stay alone and take care of their own needs. Children are not permitted to stay overnight.

There may be unique and extenuating circumstances (i.e., imminent death, impending surgery, etc.) that may warrant compassionate exceptions to this visitation policy. The healthcare team, using best clinical judgment and in collaboration with the patient or the patient’s designated representative, will consider the unique circumstances and patient needs when applying these exceptions.

Labor & Delivery and Mother/Baby:

  • During labor and delivery up to maximum of 3 visitors (including the support person) are allowed.
  • Only one support person will be allowed in the Operating Room during a C-section.
  • Siblings of the newborn will be allowed to visit during normal visiting hours but must be accompanied by an adult.

Neonatal ICU / Nursery:

  • Before entering the Neonatal ICU, unit clerk will notify the nurse of the parent’s/visitor’s arrival.
  • Parents/visitors must wash their hands for 2 minutes prior to entering the patient care area. Any jewelry, watches, etc. should be removed and arms should be bare below the elbow.
  • Parents may visit their baby day or night. Parents are encouraged to visit often, especially at feeding times. There may be exceptions in certain situations when parents may be asked wait outside the Neonatal ICU or relocate to another area within the unit during critical situations with other babies.
  • Only two visitors will be allowed at the baby’s bedside at one time.  One of the visitors must have a Hollister band in place. 
  • Siblings may visit if current with their immunizations and if cold/flu symptom free. A copy of their current shot record must be supplied to the NICU prior to their first visit. Siblings must be under constant supervision by the   family.
  • Individuals with open sores should check with a nurse or physician prior to entering the

            Neonatal ICU area.

  • Patients/visitors entering Neonatal ICU/Nursery with a known history of MDRO should be evaluated further to determine if colonized or active infection is present. The nurse should contact Infection Prevention & Control for guidance.

Hospice Inpatient Care Units:

  • Open visiting hours for all ages are permitted in all hospice inpatient care units.
  • There are no restrictions on the number of visitors allowed during daytime hours, as long as other patients are not disturbed. However, the facility staff may limit visitors based on individual patient needs.
  • The Patient Care Coordinator or nurse in charge will make all decisions concerning overnight guests. Generally, overnight guests will be limited to two people. Any additional overnight guest(s) may be approved by the nurse in charge under, but not limited to, the following circumstances:
  • Patient is actively dying and family wishes to remain at bedside
  • Patient/family is emotionally or spiritually distraught
  • Family arrives from a distance and cannot afford or find accommodations.
  • Other as determined by nurse in charge

This new visitation policy will remain in effect until the threat of the spread of COVID-19 ceases. 

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