Medical Imaging Services

Halifax Health | UF Health – Medical Center of Deltona is equipped with state-of-the-art medical technology that will meet the needs of those who call West Volusia home. Our radiologists, nurses and technologists are among the nation’s top experts in medical imaging, working beside the most advanced technology available in order to provide exceptional care to our patients.

Symbia Intevo Bold Nuclear Medicine – SPECT/CT

› The highest SPECT (Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography) sensitivity and resolution, allowing for the highest image quality in the industry
› SAFIRE technology reduces the radiation dose while maintaining image quality
› iMAR technology shows more detailed images by reducing metal artifacts
› Patient-friendly design for greater comfort, as well as an increased table weight limit to address all patients needs
› Two standalone diagnostic CTs, increasing throughput and reducing wait times

Infinix Dual Plan System – Shared Lab (IR/Cath)

› Two labs in one
› One system with two C-arms, allowing clinicians to meet both cardiac and peripheral needs in one room

Magnetom Sola – MRI

› First Sola installed in Florida
› Free-breathing, compressed sensing applications eliminate the need for a patient to hold their breath during a scan
› Operations system that can speak more than ten languages
› Patient-friendly design for greater comfort
› Improved patient experience with comfort streaming music during exam

Agile Max – Fluoro

› 17” x 17” flat detector delivers high-quality dynamic and static digital imaging
› The only height-adjustable fluoroscopy table which allows patients to be positioned and transferred easily and safely
› Open design improves access to patients, allowing team members to interact and focus on an individual’s needs
› High weight capacity and an extra-wide tabletop, making it ideal for patients of all sizes

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