Grading Policy

95-100 A
94 B+
90-93 B
89 C+
85-88 C
Below 85 F

Students must maintain an overall average of 85% to remain in the program. Evaluation methods are based upon specified student performance objectives. Specified criteria are applied equitably to all students.  Curriculum validation is accomplished by review of student performance on a continuing basis.  Deficiencies noted are rectified either by individual counseling or additional instruction for the entire class.  Curriculum validation is also accomplished by graduate performance study. Employers of program graduates are contacted and asked to determine the level of performance demonstrated by graduates. In addition, the employer is asked to rate the level of preparation demonstrated. The results of this study and graduate evaluation of courses are evaluated by the faculty and presented to the Advisory Committee for discussion and recommendations. Recommendations are used for curriculum modification.  The faculty on a continuing basis accomplishes internal validation of curriculum contact.