Patients & Visitors

Visiting hours and the number of visitors allowed vary by area and a patient’s condition. It is best to check with the nursing staff in your unit for specific information.

  • In general, visiting hours are from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.
  • As part of their healing process, it is important for patients to rest. If you are staying after 8:00 pm, please observe our quiet time.

CLICK HERE for our full visitation policy. 

Visitors Presenting at Information Desk

Visitors that identify a patient by name may be given room number and general (one-word) condition unless the patient has requested confidential status.

Information disclosed to visitors must not include the nature of treatment or medical condition.

No information will be given to visitors asking about patients located in a behavioral or substance abuse unit.

All media representatives will be referred to Communications.

Visitation Policy

Patients not in isolation are permitted two visitors at a time.

Patients in isolation (including COVID-19 patients) are permitted one visitor a day.

Exceptions are being made for extenuating circumstances, such as end of life, pediatrics, child birth or unique patient needs.

Anyone entering an isolation room will wear personal protective equipment that includes gloves, gowns, respiratory protection and eye protection.

At Halifax Health, preventing the transmission of infection is a priority.  We follow the CDC guidelines for preventing the transmission of infections/infectious agents in our healthcare settings.  In addition to Standard Precautions which are used with all persons to prevent exposure to blood, body fluids or other potentially infectious material, we use Transmission Based precautions for patient with documented or suspected infections with highly transmissible or significant pathogens (which can be community or hospital specific).  These are infectious agents that require additional precautions to prevent transmission from person to person.

We use signage on individual patient rooms to indicate the appropriate personal protective equipment that is to be worn upon entering the room.    

To better serve our community and to maintain a healthy environment we recommend that that persons with respiratory symptoms:

  • If visiting, consider visiting when symptoms are not present
  • Wear a facial mask while visiting to prevent exposing patients from further illness
  • Cover their mouths/noses when coughing or sneezing
  • Use and dispose of tissues
  • Wash their hands after they have been in contact with respiratory secretions

Halifax Health will provide, when needed, facial coverings, tissues, and trash receptacle to assist in following these recommendations.  Additionally, we have dispensers of alcohol-based hand rub conveniently located throughout the facility and, where sinks are available, supplies for handwashing.

We appreciate your support and assistance in helping our Team Members and Patients live their lives well.

During routine business hours call the Infection Prevention Department at 386-428-4883 for questions regarding these policies.

To report any concerns call patient relations at 386-425-4874.


Courtesy carts driven by dedicated volunteers, are available most days, Monday through Friday, to provide transportation to and from the parking areas and the main entrance.

Food Service

There is a wide variety of choices for meals and snacks at Halifax Health:

France Tower Cafe

Located on Level 1 of the France Tower, the France Tower Café offers gourmet coffee, sandwiches, salads, soups, pizzas and pastries.

Guest Meal Trays

Room Service is primarily for patients. However, guest trays are available on most units for $4 for breakfast and $6 for lunch or dinner, paid for by cash only.

Wireless Internet Access

Halifax Health is pleased to offer wireless Internet access free of charge to visitors, patients and visiting physicians. This access is available throughout the facility, including patient rooms.

Gift Shop

In addition to flowers, snacks, balloons, and a large selection of get well presents, the gift shop offers other unique merchandise. Proceeds go to the Halifax Health Auxiliary.


Companies responsible for delivering flowers or gifts will be encouraged to: verify in advance that the recipient is in the hospital and able to receive flowers; and arrange delivery times according to the hospital’s internal delivery schedule; and obtain an alternate delivery address for the item in the event the patient is discharged or otherwise unable to receive the item.

Items to be delivered to patients are to be left in a designated location for delivery by facility volunteer staff.

Items will be delivered daily by volunteer staff at these times:

  • Monday – Friday – 11:00 am & 3:00 pm
  • Saturday – 11:00 am
  • Sundays (and Major Holidays) – No deliveries will be made.


At Halifax Health, our primary goal is to offer a safe and compassionate work and healing environment for our patients, visitors and Team Members.  As such, we continuously assess the environment around us and implement necessary safety measures in response to any vulnerabilities we may find. 

An additional layer of detection and safety has recently been added to our hospital facilities with the installation of metal detectors at our entrances.  We will start this week with metal detectors at Halifax Health Medical Center in the Fountain Tower, France Tower and Emergency Department entrances. We will also be adding metal detectors at Halifax Health Medical Center of Port Orange and Halifax Behavioral Services.  Halifax Health/UF Health Medical Center of Deltona is already equipped with this technology.

In the coming months, we will also be adding x-ray equipment at all entrances.  Everyone who passes through these entrances will be required to go through these detectors for safety.  Everyone has a role in safety.  Please follow the “see something, say something” policy and keep all entrances secure by not propping open doors.

As we care for our patients and our community, nothing is more important than your safety and your sense of well-being. These measures are being added to protect patients, visitors and Team Members so that we may continue to provide safe, compassionate and efficient care to all.