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At Halifax Health – Center for Oncology we continuously offer state-of-the-art cancer technology that helps you maintain quality of life.

INTRABEAM ® Radiotherapy System

We focus on providing the latest techniques and technology in the treatment of cancer meanwhile providing you with clinical outcomes you deserve and expect.

We are proud to offer Intrabeam ® IORT – Intraoperative Radiotherapy for early stage cancer diagnoses.

Originally used for breast cancer treatment, intraoperative therapy is now used as a treatment option for various other cancers.

What is IORT?

The INTRABEAM ® Radiotherapy System delivers a single fraction of radiation during surgery compared to traditionally prescribed radiation therapy. One radiation treatment and the patient is done, instead of taking five to six weeks to complete.

How does Intrabeam® IORT work?  

  1. Treatment takes place immediately following the surgical removal of the cancer growth.
  2. The INTRABEAM applicator is inserted into the incision area where the tumor growth was previously located.
  3. Low energy radiation is administered for 20 to 30 minutes directly to the tissue area in the tumor bed, minimizing the exposure to surrounding healthy tissue while treating microscopic amounts of cancer that may remain.
  4. The applicator is removed and the surgeon closes the opening.

What are the benefits of Intrabeam® IORT?

  • Radiation therapy treatment time is significantly reduced for the patient compared to traditional radiotherapy treatment options. One treatment and radiation is done.
  • Doctors can temporarily move nearby organs and tissue minimizing radiation exposure.
  • Patients who may need additional chemotherapy treatment can receive it following recovery.
  • Same day treatment with no hospitalization required.
  • Reduced costs compared to traditional radiotherapy.

Talk to your physician about whether or not Intrabeam® IORT may be an option for you.

For the past 30 years, the choices for conventional radiation therapy were limited. Patients would receive radiation treatment sometimes lasting as much as 5 – 6 weeks.

Don’t let Radiotherapy steal an extra moment from your life.

Talk to your physician about breakthrough radiation therapy treatment for early stage cancers for breast, pancreas, prostate, kidney and more.

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