Leading the Way in Cancer Treatment


Halifax Health – Center for Oncology has produced a long list of “firsts” in oncology diagnosis and treatment. This should be a source of confidence for you, knowing we are leaders in the development of new and better ways to discover and treat cancer.

In 1998, we introduced stereotatic radiosurgery, the first in central Florida to use this innovative technique. We were the first radiation oncology facility certified by the American College of Radiology. In 1984, we created the first clinical trial/research program (Community Clinical Oncology Program), a network for conducting cancer prevention and treatment clinical trials through a federal grant.

Our significant firsts include:

  • Home to the first and only full time GYN oncology program covering multiple counties
  • First da Vinci robotic surgery system covering multiple counties
  • First nuclear oncology program
  • First use of robotic radiation therapy                                               

Diagnosing Cancer

Precise diagnosis is the key to successful treatment. We offer a full range of diagnostic services including blood testsdiagnostic imaging, pathology, and screening tools that provide accurate details about abnormal cells. This information includes identifying the cells as malignant (cancerous) or non-malignant. From the data we determine how aggressive the cancer cells are. We thoroughly evaluate the cancer before we develop the most effective treatment plan.

Treating Cancer

Once your cancer has been identified and evaluated, we proceed with a personalized treatment plan executed by a highly skilled staff of oncology experts. One or more treatments from surgery, to chemotherapy to radiation therapy may be used based on your unique situation and requirements. Applying more than one treatment (multi-modality approach) has become a standard practice for preventing recurrence of the cancer.

Caring for Patients

Individualized attention is the heart and soul of our oncology program. A highly skilled team of oncologists, surgeons, specially trained nurses and clinicians work together to provide state-of-the-art cancer care that is second to none in Florida. A Halifax Health patient navigator will accompany you on your recovery journey, easing the stress that accompanies cancer.

Our oncology program includes a comprehensive range of services and programs from counseling and support groups to our online patient portal for cancer patients.

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