Meet Our Patient Navigators

Your Patient Navigator will provide emotional support, education and act as a resource so that you can make well-informed decisions regarding your care options. This service coordinates access to cancer care services while providing quality care and assisting with coping strategies for dealing with fear and anxiety that can be felt by newly diagnosed cancer patients and their families.

The Patient Navigator is also a clinical expert who works with healthcare providers, financial counselors, and social services to enable the patient to access available resources.

What will my Patient Navigator do for me?

  • Provide emotional support and comfort to a newly diagnosed patient
  • Help you navigate through the healthcare system
  • Serve as a point of contact to create a seamless approach to your care
  • Expedite scheduling for appointments and tests
  • Collaborate with physicians, healthcare providers and team members to provide advice, support and real-time answers to your questions
  • Connect you with local and national community resources

For more information, contact Halifax Health – Cancer Center for Hope Patient Navigators at 386.425.HOPE.

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