Survivorship Navigation

At Halifax Health, we know a patient’s journey with cancer doesn’t end when treatment is complete. Through our Survivorship Nurse Navigator program, we will continue this journey as a partner in your care.

Provided as a complimentary service, Halifax Health offers a Survivorship Nurse Navigator dedicated to helping you after completion of your treatment and will serve as a system navigator, patient educator and advocate, care coordinator and community outreach connection. The Survivorship Nurse Navigator is the champion liaison of your recovery.

Our Survivorship Nurse Navigator can help:

  • Address questions about effects from treatment, as well as medical and other life issues post treatment.
  • Expedite scheduling for appointments or tests.
  • Ensure access to social counselors, nutritionists, and local support agencies.
  • Explore and assist with post treatment financial or work-related concerns.
  • Manage long-term or late effects from treatment with your medical care team.
  • Coping strategies for dealing with fear or anxiety.

Our Survivorship Nurse Navigator provides you with a Care Plan listing all prior treatments and future appointments, which empowers you with information on all aspects of post-therapy recovery. The Survivorship Nurse Navigator is available after your treatment to provide advice and support as you progress through recovery. They work closely with your physician to provide real-time answers to your questions.

Our Survivorship Nurse Navigator is here to provide support so that you never feel alone on your journey.

If you would like to speak to our Nurse Navigator to discuss your cancer survivorship, please contact

Susan Joss, RN, OCN,CBPN-IC,

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