Vision Care

Vision Care

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Halifax Health – Ophthalmology not only provides comprehensive care for eye conditions and diseases, but also provides the vision exams you need for updates on your glasses prescription (currently not offering contact lens prescriptions).

Although we currently do not offer glasses in office for purchase, you are able to take your prescription to your retailer of choice. Whether it is online or in store – you can choose where you want to purchase your frames, allowing you to look for the best deal within your budget.

Also, going to an ophthalmologist allows for complete care for your eyes outside of just vision. Maintain your vision and eye health history in one place. As you age or as your children get older, and eye conditions or diseases begin to develop, all records are kept under one roof allowing for continuity of care.


Eye exams through ophthalmology is covered by health insurance, not vision insurance. As long as we accept your current health insurance, your co-pay is what it would cost for the exam (glasses prescriptions may be an extra cost dependent on your insurance). Also, if you have a pre-tax FSA or HSA card, this type of payment option could cover both the co-pay and prescription costs as well as the purchase of your lens and frames at an outside retailer.

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