Expert Care in Heart & Vascular Surgery

Board-Certified and Fellowship-Trained 

The UF Health cardiothoracic and vascular surgeons, whose practice resides at Halifax Health, are board-certified and fellowship-trained. This means you are in the hands of expert surgeons who have been rigorously trained in their surgical specialty.

Our patients also receive the added benefit of having surgeons – located in the heart of Volusia County, this keeps our patients close to home during times when it matters most.

What does it mean to be Board-Certified?

Do your research to be sure of your surgeon’s competence. Look for certification by a surgical board approved by the American Board of Medical Specialties. When you choose a surgeon who is board certified in a surgical specialty, you are assured that he or she has completed years of residency training in his or her specialty and has demonstrated knowledge and competence by successfully completing a rigorous examination.

What does it mean to be Fellowship-Trained?

In many surgical specialties, there is one more step of subspecialty training to achieve added competency and experience. This is the one-year fellowship. The purpose is to sub-specialize and master a specific area of medicine or surgery, to become expert in that field. Fellowships will have strong components of clinical and surgical experience as well as research. The concentrated and dynamic experiences learned in a 1-year fellowship typically take years to achieve in private practice. “Fellowship Trained” means the surgeon or physician has shown the highest level of dedication to that field and achieved the highest level of training.

Through the UF Health Heart and Vascular Surgery Program at Halifax Health, all of the surgeons are board-certified and fellowship-trained, putting you in the hands of experts in the field of heart and vascular surgery.

Excellent care from cardiothoracic surgeons:

  • Sohit Khanna, MD – A board-certified and fellowship-trained cardiothoracic surgeon. Dr. Khanna specializes in “off-pump” heart bypass surgery, robotic thoracic surgery, and general surgery.
  • Cary Meyers, MD – A board-certified and fellowship-trained cardiothoracic surgeon. Dr. Meyers focuses on transcatheter aortic valve replacement and endovascular thoracic aneurysm repair.He also specializes in minimally invasive cardiac surgery (MICS).

Excellent care from our vascular surgeon:

  • Robert Feezor, MD – A board-certified and fellowship-trained vascular and general surgeon. Dr. Feezor is known nationally for complex aortic aneurysm repair, as well as covering a breadth of vascular diseases including aortic aneurysms, peripheral arterial disease and varicose vein disease.
  • Michael Yacoub, MD – Board-certified in general surgery and vascular surgery, Dr. Yacoub’s clinical interests include open and endovascular treatment of aortic aneurysms and aortic dissection, minimally invasive treatment of thoracoabdominal aneurysms using fenestrated-branched endografts, and open treatment of mesenteric occlusive disease.

To make an appointment for either cardiothoracic or vascular surgery, call 386.226.2662