Mended Hearts

Halifax Health teams up with Mended Hearts to bring cardiovascular peer-to-peer support to our healthcare system.

About Mended Hearts

Learning that there is a problem with your heart can be a frightening experience. If your condition requires surgery or another procedure, that can add another layer of stress. Why me? What happens now? Will I be able to go back to my routine, or will I have to make changes? What will my life be like now?

If you’re a caregiver for someone who’s just been through a heart event, you’re probably asking yourself questions too. How can I help my loved one adjust to his or her new life? What do I need to do to help take care of my loved one?

That’s where Mended Hearts can help. Mended Hearts is the nation’s oldest peer-to-peer support group for heart patients and caregivers. Mended Hearts’ physician-endorsed, peer-to-peer support network assists patients and caregivers from diagnoses through the journey of recovery with social, emotional, and practical support. Today, there are 300 chapters and 24,000 members in 48 states.

Chapter Meetings and Events

Chapters across the nation host monthly support meetings, picnics, education, and events to provide patients and caregivers the opportunity to share and learn together.

A Helping Hand

We work directly with 460 of the nation’s top hospitals, cath labs, rehabilitation clinics and more to help heart survivors experience a positive patient-care experience. Whether it’s a visit to a hospital room or cath lab, a support group meeting or an educational form, we’re there when and where we’re needed to offer a voice of support and a helping hand.

Visiting Program

Our trained accredited visitors work with the support of hospitals and clinics to serve the heart patients and caregivers they serve. Mended Hearts volunteer visitors conduct nearly a quarter-million visits annually to patients, caregivers and families.

Mended Hearts listens and share experiences. And above all, Mended Hearts empathize with the feelings and concerns of heart patients and their loved ones. Mended Hearts wants to help enable you to live a fuller, healthier life.

Patient Advocacy

Mended Hearts is committed to teaching and empowering patients to develop and use their own voice on their own journey. Advocating for patients to receive the access to the right treatment, at the right time, is a priority for Mended Hearts.

The Facts

Heart disease is the number 1 killer of Americans, totaling more than 600,000 deaths annually. Heart disease claims more lives each year than cancer, respiratory diseases, and accidents combined.

Patient Education

Mended Hearts provides informative, timely guides to specific conditions so many people face. From abnormal cholesterol to valve disease, Mended Hearts has medically reviewed online and printed publications that will help you understand the conditions you face.

Mended Hearts also publishes a quarterly magazine, Heartbeat, that provides members with important updates about the Mended Hearts organization as well as up-to date information about heart health.

Online Network of Support

Get back on your feet after your heart diagnosis! When you get home, get online with Mended Hearts at Mended Hearts is here to help! The organization conducts “visits” via email with heart patients, caregivers, and families. You can connect with an Internet visitor by emailing

Toll-free Help Line

Mended Hearts is just a toll-free phone call away. Dial 1-888-HEART99 (1-888-432-7899) and Mended Hearts will answer questions to address any concerns you have and connect you with a Mended Hearts chapter and fellow heart survivor in your area.

Mended Little Hearts

Mended Hearts also has groups to address the needs of families of children with congenital heart diseases or defects (CHDs). Mended Little Hearts provides support and encouragement to these families. You can learn more about what Mended Hearts does for these families at

For more information, visit or call 1-888-HEART99. You can also join the Mended Hearts online community at You can also write to Mended Hearts:

The Mended Hearts, Inc

Resource Center

1500 Dawson Road

Albany, Georgia 31707