Is my breastfed baby eating enough?

One of the main questions we hear from breastfeeding mothers is how do they know if their baby is getting enough milk. The first step to ensure your baby is receiving adequate nutrition is to schedule an appointment with your pediatrician within the first three to five days of life. During this visit your pediatrician will look for the following key indicators that show your newborn is being breastfed effectively:

  • Get an accurate weight of your newborn
  • Take measurements for length and head circumference
  • Check for your baby’s level of responsiveness and alertness

In addition to visiting your pediatrician it has also been recommended to track the number of wet and stool diapers up to the first six weeks of life. Below is a guideline for what you can expect during the first five days, however please know that this is an additional resource and not intended to substitute visiting your pediatrician.

Diaper Chart for Days 1- 5

Age of your

Average Number
of Wet Diapers

Average Number
of Stool Diapers

Day 1 – 21 – 2 diapers per day1 – 2 diapers per day
Day 3 – 46+ diapers per day3 – 4 diapers per day
Day 56+ diapers per dayBy this time the color of the stool should be yellow.

Stool patterns tend to change as your child grows. For breastfed babies 4 stools per day is pretty average; however this can decrease significantly for babies older than six weeks. Some babies can go a week or longer before having a stool diaper. This should not be cause for any concern as long as your baby is gaining weight well.

For more questions or concerns about Breastfeeding please contact our board certified Lactation Consultants at 386.254.4005.