Top Quality Orthopedic Care

Halifax Health – Center for Orthopedics

A better life through orthopedic solutions.

Everyone knows that an active life is a happy, healthy, well-lived life.  Here in Florida, we have opportunities everyday to experience many of life’s greatest pleasures: A walk on the beach, a bicycle ride, or a relaxing swim.  But sometimes, you may need help to be able to enjoy those opportunities.

At Halifax Health – Center for Orthopedics, you will find people like you who have come from all across the state to take advantage of the chance to return to a more active lifestyle through new orthopedic solutions.  In fact, our team has consistently ranked one of America’s 100 Best Hospitals for Orthopedic Surgery.  Which means you get the benefit of first-class orthopedic care without traveling far from home.

People like you who have led active lives often find that their knees were not designed for the toll they may have taken over the years.  Our orthopedic surgeons can help you with a whole range of solutions, from simple arthroscopic surgeries to scope out slightly torn cartilage to full knee-replacement procedures as warranted, all of which can enable a return to the activities you know and love.

And if you are amongst the growing number of people who are suffering the pain of growth-plate damage or other chronic hip problems, please take comfort in knowing that here you will find the solution.  Halifax Health – Center for Orthopedics is a leader in providing new possibilities in life through state-of-the-art hip replacement procedures, including a new technology which enables a minimally invasive treatment that reduces patient recovery times in half.

Our full orthopedics team stands waiting to help you regain the life – and lifestyle – you want and deserve.  It’s just another way we help you live your life well.