Computed Tomography (CT)

CT Scanners

We are proud to offer the East Central Florida area the latest cutting edge Radiology technology.

At Halifax Health, we have the ability to provide detailed images to our surgeons and doctors in an expedited manner.  Our Computed Tomography (CT) machines allow our professional team to produce accurate and detailed images quickly. Whether using them to help diagnose a trauma situation, get rapid image results for someone who has had a stroke, or using them to test for many other diseases and conditions, we offer the most advanced technology to help get the results into the doctor’s hands quickly.

Radiology offers both CT and CAT options. Our team of health professionals use these systems to get images of the brain, chest, abdomen, pelvic, and spine, in a matter of seconds. The images obtained are used to help diagnose circulatory system diseases and conditions, including coronary artery disease, blood vessel aneurysms, blood clots, spinal conditions, kidney and bladder stones, inflammatory disease, and diseases of the skeletal system, head, and internal organs.

At Halifax Health – Radiology, we are focused in obtaining high quality images as quickly as possible. These images are crucial to helping patients and saving lives. Our highly trained skilled team of experts includes board certified doctors, nurses, and support staff, which are dedicated to saving lives. When it comes to imaging, even seconds can matter, which is why we have the best possible scanning equipment in the county ready to help patients.