CT Scans

CT scans are important pieces to the puzzle that the doctors use to make the best possible treatment decisions. Many of the patients at Halifax Health are trauma or stroke situations, making obtaining this critical information quickly an absolute priority. We are proud that we are able to live up to doing that, by offering a variety of CT scans.

Scans Offered:

  • Brain – The CT scanners are critical in diagnosing brain bleeds, aneurisms, ruptures, tumors, cancer, atrophy of the brain, and more. Used for obtaining high quality images following trauma, disease, or other conditions, the CT exams of the brain play a critical role in helping to save lives.
  • Abdominal – We conduct CT exams on the abdomen to help diagnose trauma situations, bone fractures, solid organ lacerations due to trauma, tumors, cancer and other diseases, blockages, appendicitis, kidney stones, pancreatitis, abscesses, and more. A CT exam may be performed to look for causes of pain, swelling, infections, etc.
  • Spine – Our medical experts perform CT exams on the spine to check for degenerative disc disease, fractures, soft tissue evaluation, to help diagnose back and neck pain or numbness, evaluate the spine before and after surgery, diagnose spinal pain, measure bone density, guide biopsies, and to help diagnose trauma situations. Our CT machines provide a quick and pain-free route to doctors interested in obtaining excellent quality images quickly.
  • Vascular – CT exams are often performed to get images to help diagnose trauma situations, injury, aneurysms, blockages from blood clots or plaque, tumors, and more. Vascular CT exams can follow the blood flow from the head to the toes in order help diagnose any blockages or problems.

At Halifax Health – Radiology, we are focused in obtaining high quality images as quickly as possible. These images are crucial to helping patients and saving lives. Our highly trained skilled team of experts includes board certified doctors, nurses, and support staff, which are dedicated to saving lives. When it comes to imaging, even seconds can matter, which is why we have the best possible scanning equipment in the county ready to help patients.