GE Revolution – Area’s Only

GE Revolution – Head to Toe in Less Than 15 Seconds


  • The GE Revolution CT Scanner can scan a patient from head to toe 15 seconds providing less radiation exposure
  • Scans pediatric patients in less than one second
  • Provides the highest quality image in the area

Area’s Only

Our GE Revolution is the only one of its kind that is used in East Central Florida, which enhances our ability and speed to image, diagnose and prescribe treatment when seconds count.

By using the GE Revolution CT Scanner, Halifax Health is able to quickly obtain unique images that are of excellent quality. Considered a breakthrough clinical application, it can even be used for the most challenging patients, allowing doctors to perform dynamic studies of the kidneys, heart, brain, liver, organs, and tissue.

The GE Revolution also provides unsurpassed trauma assessment. This state-of-the-art machine has been designed to help experts obtain the high quality images they need in order to help provide an accurate diagnosis, while lowering radiation exposure at the same time.

The scanner has also been designed to allow for pediatric imaging, including being sedation-free and requiring minimal breath holding. The entire scanning process of a pediatric patient takes less than one second. For adult patients, they will find that the machine has been designed to provide a more inviting and comfortable atmosphere, rather than feeling clinical and closed in, with the ability to scan from head to toe in less than 15 seconds.

The GE Revolution provides a quicker image, so that doctors can help trauma patients and stroke victims faster. The machine is also ideal for those who cannot hold still due to seizures, trauma, spasms, mental illness, etc.