Interventional Radiology

At Halifax Health, we offer one of the most advanced interventional radiology departments in Daytona Beach and East Central Florida. Our board-certified physicians have been specially trained in interventional radiology and are experts in the field. With extensive experience and an excellent success record, they routinely provide people in the Daytona Beach area and beyond with minimally invasive interventional radiology treatments.

Interventional radiology uses the most advanced procedures to allow expert physicians to use imaging for guidance in providing targeted treatments. The techniques they use provide for faster recovery times, have fewer risks, reduce patient discomfort, and result in fewer complications. The procedures are also helpful in reducing the length of patient hospital stays.

Interventional Radiology Procedures

Our interventional radiology team is comprised of expert physicians, nurses, technologists, and support staff. We provide a comprehensive list of interventional radiology treatments, including:

  • Kypophlasty Procedure – We use the latest technology to help reduce spinal and back pain, including as a result of spinal fracture. During this minimally invasive surgery, a small incision is made and a canula is inserted. The doctor then uses images to carefully insert and inflate a balloon to reduce the fracture. The balloon is then carefully removed and the cavity is injected with a safe cement-like substance, which stabilizes the bone after hardening.
  • Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE) – This is a procedure that treats fibroid issues without surgery, thus reducing fibroid inflammation. During this procedure the patient remains awake, yet is relaxed and sleepy. After a local anesthetic (pain killer) is used, the radiologist makes a small cut in the skin, inserts catheter into the femoral artery, and threads the catheter into the artery that supplies blood to the uterus. Small particles are injected into the catheter, blocking off the blood flow to the fibroids, which causes them to shrink and die.
  • Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) – Those suffering from PAD know how difficult and painful walking can be. Using advanced treatment, our interventional radiologists can perform stenting, angioplasty, and atherectomy  treatments to unclog leg arteries. The doctor carefully uses imaging for guidance to perform minimally invasive procedures that help patients avoid surgery, and yet still restore a better quality of life. This is a preferred first-line treatment that offers a high success rate and minimal recovery time.
  • TACE Procedure – Transarterial chemoembolization (TACE) is an advanced treatment which allows our interventional radiologists the ability to precisely target liver cancer tumors and lesions. Requiring only a groin area incision, the state-of-the-art imaging technology used helps to ensure successful outcomes. By using very small catheters and our image guidance, specially trained doctors are able to target cancer tumors in order to deliver chemotherapy medicine.
  • Port Placement – Our interventional radiology team works with oncology to provide patients with necessary implanted ports. The ports are placed under the skin and provide an easy way for your nurse to administer chemotherapy. Our team is well experienced and has successfully placed many patient ports.

Our interventional radiology team is made up of highly trained and skilled experts, including doctors, nurses, technicians, and support staff. We take pride in being able to use our advanced radiology equipment and team to help diagnose and provide treatment to patients in the Daytona Beach and East Central Florida area. We have a top-notch record for providing excellent radiology care covering a wide range of areas.