Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear medicine is an important part of Halifax Health – Radiology, serving the Daytona Beach and East Central Florida area. Our team of experts in the field are able to use small amounts of radioactive materials in order to provide unique images and information of inside the body. When the materials are inhaled, swallowed, or injected, doctors are able to follow the energy they form in the body, through use of gamma ray detection. This highly advanced and specialized area of our radiology department helps to provide images that would otherwise not be able to be obtained.

We provide a range of patient friendly procedures in Volusia County, including:

  • SPECT/CT – The SPECT/CT scan is a procedure where two different images are taken, and then they are fused in order to provide the doctor with one image that provides functional images of Nuclear Medicine with the more anatomical modalities like CT. The information the scan provides will help give insight into how parts of the body are functioning. Halifax Health is proud to be the only hospital offering SPECT/CT used for this procedure in East Central Florida. The camera is highly advanced, providing excellent image clarity and diagnostic confidence, by incorporating attention correction and anatomical location. This specialized hybrid scanner offers myocardial perfusion imaging with IQ SPECT. Halifax Health was also the first to implement a protocol to scan for patient’s presenting with diabetic foot complications to provide a faster door to diagnosis for this patient population.

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