Available Scans

Nuclear Medicine Scans

Halifax Health is a leader in East Central Florida, providing highly advanced radiology procedures to those in the Daytona Beach area and beyond. We were the first in the area to offer many of these highly advanced procedures, and will continue to always be a leader in providing patients with the best options available. We are committed to providing the best possible patient care around, thus earning a reputation that is unsurpassed.

At Halifax Health – Radiology, our Nuclear Medicine department provides a wide range of exams. We offer exams in general Nuclear Medicine, as well as in specialty areas.

Some of the patient friendly Nuclear Medicine exams we provide include:

  • Hepatobiliary (HIDA) Scan – We offer this exam that is used to help diagnose problems associated with the bile ducts, gallbladder, and liver. The camera follows the medicine as it travels through the body, creating computer images.
  • Ventilation-perfusion (VQ) Scan – This test examines the airflow and blood flow to the lungs. The test is performed in two steps, with part of it focusing on inhalation, and the other focused on the blood flow to the lungs.
  • Renal Scan – This test is performed to measure the function of the kidneys. Following an injection, the test will follow the tracer and produce the necessary images doctors need to evaluate how well the kidneys are performing.
  • Thyroid scan – During this test, the patient will swallow a small amount of radioactive iodine, which is then tracked. Images are created, giving doctors the information they need about whether or not the thyroid is working properly.
  • Liver / Spleen Scan – Using Nuclear Medicine, this test will help doctors check for functional problems with the liver and spleen. Following an injection, images are acquired.

Halifax Health has always been and will always be at the forefront of Nuclear Medicine technology in the Daytona Beach and East Central Florida. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive list of exams so that patients can be accurately diagnosed and treated. Our expert radiology team has performed countless patient friendly exams, helping many people in the area. We have an excellent reputation of using advanced patient friendly technology to help diagnose and treat patient issues.