Kidney Stones

Halifax Health – UF Health Urology has established the Kidney Stone Treatment and Education Center. Working with our healthcare professionals in multiple different specialties, we can offer the patient with a kidney stone state of the art surgical instrumentation. A new non-invasive lithotripter utilizing ultrasound and flouroscopic capapbility, Holmium laser and high speed ultrasound capapbility for stone fragmentation are just a few of the things we can offer the patient with stone disease.

Our Kidney Stone program is predicated on four main areas:

  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment
  • Education
  • Prevention

Stone analysis and stone risk profiles are established after the patient is treated and education and preventative measures put in place.

Kidney stones are one of the most painful urologic disorders and one of the most common disorders of the urinary tract. Each year, people make almost 3 million visits to health care providers and more than half a million people go to emergency rooms for kidney stone problems.

Most kidney stones pass out of the body without any intervention by a physician. Stones that cause lasting symptoms or other complications may be treated by various techniques, most of which do not involve major surgery. Also, research advances have led to a better understanding of the many factors that promote stone formation and thus better treatments for preventing stones.

Doctors do not always know what causes a stone to form. While certain foods may promote stone formation in people who are susceptible, scientists do not believe that eating any specific food causes stones to form in people who are not susceptible.

A person with a family history of kidney stones may be more likely to develop stones. Urinary tract infections, kidney disorders such as cystic kidney diseases, and certain metabolic disorders such as hyperparathyroidism are also linked to stone formation. In addition, more than 70 percent of people with a rare hereditary disease called renal tubular acidosis develop kidney stones.