Duodenal Switch

East Coast Bariatrics at Halifax Health has the top-rated bariatric surgeons in Volusia County. The program at East Coast Bariatrics is unlike any other in our area as our focus is to provide support for you before, during and after bariatric surgery. We are one of the only programs in Volusia County to offer four surgical weight loss procedures that are all noninvasive.

The Duodenal Switch is a procedure where part of the stomach is removed and re-routed to the digestive tract. For this procedure, almost 70% of the stomach is removed, as well as the duodenum.  A long portion of your small intestine is rerouted into two pathways.  The shorter pathway takes food from the stomach to a common channel. The longer pathway carries bile from the liver to the common channel.  The objective is to reduce the amount of time the body has to capture calories and to selectively limit the absorption of fat.  The result is that your body will only be able to absorb around 20% of the fat you would normally intake. As with all surgeries, there is a chance for complications, however, the risk is very low and can be detected and treated with routine post-operative care.

The majority of obesity related health issues and co-morbidities can be greatly reduced, if not eliminated.

  • Sleep Apnea up to 99% improved or resolved
  • Hypertension up to 95% improved
  • Diabetes up to 95% improved or resolved
  • Arthritis up to 85% improved
  • Hyperlipidemia up to 95% improved
  • Gastroesophageal Reflux up to 99% resolved
  • Asthma improved
  • Depression improved, medications will be stopped or adjusted