Halifax Health – Care for Women opened its doors on October 15, 2013. Since opening, we have been amazed at the opportunities we have had to help and partner with women of all ages to attain their goals of living a healthy lifestyle.

The local community has embraced us and we have received overwhelmingly positive feedback. When you come to our office as a patient, you are immediately part of a very special group that truly cares about you and your health goals weather it pertains to birth control, pregnancy, general health or menopause.

The difference between Halifax Health – Care for Women and other offices is evident the minute you walk in the door.  We are happy to see you. We welcome you and we never fuss at people for being late or asking questions.  We want you to be happy and healthy. We spend as much time as we need helping each individual meet their health goals. We don’t judge you. We just take care of you.

Our “feel good policy” is available to all of our expecting patients. This means if you are having a bad day and just need to hear your baby’s heartbeat, you are encouraged to stop by for a quick visit. This is a great resource for women who may have experienced fetal demise in the past or are dealing with prenatal anxiety. Sometimes, we all need a little extra attention to ease our worries.

We accept most insurances and have very reasonable self pay rates. We offer same-day appointments and we never turn anyone away. We are proud of our commitment to putting customer service back in medicine.