10 Questions Every Mother Should Ask Her OB/GYN

10 questions every mother needs to ask her private OB/GYN

When it comes to choosing the hospital that you want to delivery your baby a lot of factors come in to play. You have to consider where your private OB/GYN has privileges, you need to ensure that your insurance is accepted at the facility and proximity to your home is also a huge factor. But, what if I told you that all hospitals are not the same and not all are equipped to handle every situation.

When you think of large healthcare systems, you may think that they only exist in Orlando or Jacksonville, but that is not true. Halifax Health is the largest hospital in Volusia & Flagler County and we are also the area’s only Level II Trauma Center. Our 678 bed hospital is equipped to care for you.

Regardless if this is your first child, or your fifth, there are some questions that you may not think to ask, but when you are faced with an emergency you wish you had. If you decide to deliver at home, at a birthing center or at a hospital discuss these questions with your private OB/GYN. You will be glad you did.

  • Does my hospital have a Prenatal Diagnostic Center on site that can diagnose and provide treatment plans for my baby and I?
  • Does my hospital have an Emergency Room dedicated to expectant mothers where every patient is seen by a physician prior to discharge or do I have to go to the ER with the general public?
  • If I have an emergency and I have to go to the ER, is there a board-certified OB/GYN onsite at the hospital 24/7 ready to help my baby and I? Or does my hospital only require an RN to see me and speak to the doctor via telephone? Many times…seconds matter. It is vitally important to have a doctor on-site ready to respond to any emergency that may arise.
  • What happens if I go into labor and my doctor is not available? Who will take care of my baby and I?
  • Is there is a team of anesthesiologists on site at the hospital 24/7 that are dedicated to Labor & Delivery? What happens if they are not there and I have to have an emergency caesarian section?
  • Are the nurses in Labor & Delivery pulled from other areas or are they specialized in Labor & Delivery and ready for any emergency?
  • Does the hospital have a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, and how long has it been open?
  • Is the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit equipped to take care of my baby if I go into labor less than 28 weeks or if my baby weighs less than 1,000 grams?
  • Would my baby be sent to another hospital in another city to receive care?
  • Ask your physician if they were in your shoes, and this was their baby, where would they choose to deliver?

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