Covid-19 and Pregnancy

We know expectant mothers are especially anxious about their labor and delivery, and the safety of their baby. Please know, at Halifax Health you have an exceptional and caring team behind you to help ease these fears. We know this isn’t the birth story you envisioned, but let us help make this YOUR birth story, and one that you’ll look back and smile. 

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Fast Pass Registration Paperwork

When you go into labor, the last thing you want to think about is filling out paperwork. That’s why at Halifax Health we have the Fast Pass to Delivery. This pre-registration process minimizes the paperwork you’ll have to fill out the day of your delivery, so you can focus on what’s really important.

Give our Maternity Nurse Navigator a call today at 425.BABY to pre-register and get your Fast Pass to delivery.

Q and A from our Maternity Nurse Navigator, APRN, Shelley Jones.

 Is there special concern right now with pregnancy and COVID-19?

Yes! Moms are immunocompromised during pregnancy. That’s why we’re so diligent in having moms get their flu shots during flu season, because their immune systems aren’t as strong as they typically are. There’s heightened awareness with COVID-19 because it’s new and there aren’t enough studies to know exactly what we’re up against. 

Is there something different that expecting mothers should do to stay safe during this time?

Expectant mothers should follow recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, including social distancing, proper hand hygiene and staying away from sources of infection.

What are studies showing as far as pregnant moms with COVID-19, passing it to their baby?

Right now studies have shown that the virus is not contained in amniotic fluids, cord blood or breast milk, so we’re not seeing transmission in utero. That’s very positive.

If there’s a pregnant mom out there who’s showing COVID-19 symptoms what should they do?

Pregnant women who are showing high fever, cough or respiratory distress should notify their physician or OB immediately. From there, your physician will give you direction on how to care for yourself as well as your family. Your physician will then notify the hospital you will be delivering at so they can put special precautions in place.

What are hospitals doing in preparation for expecting mothers with COVID-19?

At Halifax Health it will depend on the gestational age of the mom and if she needs hospitalization. If she’s ready to deliver, many we have designated isolated labor and delivery rooms specifically for COVID-19 patients.

What are some changes expecting mothers will see at the hospital?

Halifax Health is screening patients and visitors with a list of questions upon entry. In order to ensure the safest environment for you and your baby, there is a limit to three support persons present during labor and delivery, or one support person present during C-section. There is also a restriction to limit visitors under the age of  18, with the exception of siblings.

Please understand that all these restrictions are put in place to keep you, your baby and our team members as safe as possible. We know that this isn’t the birth story that you dreamed of but your labor and delivery team is there to support you and make this day special. One day, you’ll look back on your delivery day with a smile, and have a very memorable story to tell.

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