Halifax Health Neonatal ICU Parent Advisory Council

The Halifax Health Neonatal ICU Parent Advisory Council is a committee made up of parents of Neonatal ICU graduates. This group provides support, encourages and educates other Neonatal ICU families to ensure that they experience exceptional care and outcomes.

The goals of Halifax Health Neonatal ICU Parent Advisory Council is to:

  • Provide support in the form of education and mentorship to Halifax Health – Neonatal ICU families before, during and after their time at Halifax Health
  • Encourage communication between families and their healthcare team during their time at Halifax Health to ensure a family-centered focus of care
  • Increase community awareness of the Halifax Health – Neonatal ICU, the Parent Advisory Council and on-going quality initiatives
  • Coordinate fundraising to support Halifax Health – Neonatal ICU and the Parent Advisory Council

The Neonatal ICU Parent Advisory Council members meet monthly to discuss the needs of the Neonatal ICU families and staff and develop projects to meet these identified needs.

Interested in becoming a member?

If you are a parent to a Neonatal ICU graduate and are interested in becoming a Halifax Health – Neonatal ICU Parent Advisory Council member please contact Natasha Bland at Natasha.Bland@halifax.org.

Meet Our Neonatal ICU Advisory Council

Natasha Bland – President

Natasha Bland - President

I’m Natasha Bland, President of the Council, proud mama of two amazing children and wife to Jason Bland. You may know me as the ‘Macaroni Kid’ lady lol. My oldest was born via emergency c-section at 30 weeks in 2010, he was 2lbs 12oz and full of life. He is my rainbow baby as his brother was born sleeping only a year prior. Having a NICU baby reassured me that angels do exist and mine came in the form of nurses, doctors, respiratory therapists, and all the amazing staff that worked around the clock to make sure that my son and I were going to make it. I am an advocate for extending breastfeeding, babywearing, and cloth diapering. I chose to volunteer for this position because I am passionate about maternal health and wellness and my hope is to have a positive impact on this sector of our community because my experiences have made me stronger and I hope that they can help other families gain strength and courage in this tumultuous time as well.

Stephanie Renick – Vice President

Stephanie Renick - Vice President

I’m Stephanie Renick, Vice President, born & raised in Ocala, FL. Married to Tyler Renick & moved to Ormond Beach in 2009. We are both Realtors with Realty Pros Assured. We have 2 children Thomas & Kailei. Thomas is my first born & NICU child, He was born August 2013 at 34 weeks old. I went to my 34 week checkup, had a lot of protein in my urine my doctor decided to send me to the hospital for a 24 hour evaluation. After the 24 hours they sent me home & my doctor called me, she decided to admit me back into the hospital & deliver him early as I had Pre-eclampsia. We had some scares after being admitted to the hospital that night and he did not want to come out. So I had an emergency C-Section, the procedure went well and Thomas was born weighing 3lbs 11oz, I did not get to hold him until the next day, we went through many obstacles & challenges while being in the NICU, it was emotional for both of us but worth the 21 days. He is now 5 years old healthy with high energy. I want to be there for other parents going through this and know it will all be ok, it is not your fault. Your not alone!

Samantha Idle – Secretary

Samantha Idle - Secretary

My name is Samantha, I am the Secretary of our Council.  My husband, Derek and I have been married 14 years.  I am the mom to three kids.  My oldest Jadon was born at 34 weeks.  When he arrived he struggled to breath on his own and has struggled with respiratory issues most of his life.  He is now 14 and just started high school this year.  My daughter Trinity was born and passed when she arrived 15 weeks to soon due to preeclampsia.  She would have turned 12 this past August.  Our youngest, Jaxson arrived at 32 weeks.  Today he is a happy healthy 6 year old.  I have volunteered in many aspect associated with prematurity, pregnancy and infant loss, and Birth defect.  I have even had the privilage to lobby in Washington DC for the newborn screening act and the health of moms and babies.  I am passionate about the work being done in NICU’s around the country and the support being offered to families walking this journey.

Deana Romano – Treasurer

Deana Romano - Treasurer

My name is Deana Romano, I am the Treasurer of our Council. I was born in Monticello, NY.  I am a 30 year old NICU mom.I am a Bariatric Patient who has had weight loss surgery. I graduated from The Culinary Institute of America with a bachelors degree. My son was born at Halifax Hospital on June 24th, 2017 via an emergency cesarean. During my pregnancy I had troubles with an incompetent cervix and was placed on bedrest at home and then here at the hospital. Avery was born weighing 2 pounds 13 ounces and was 15 inches in length. My son was born with a short cord causing him to lose his heart rate on the monitors and was the reason for the emergency cesarean. We spent over 65 days in the Halifax NICU. Halifax hospital saved my baby and was he shown love from the NICU and labor and delivery team that we had never experienced anywhere else.

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