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INTRABEAM ® Radiotherapy System

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We are proud to offer Intrabeam ® IORT – Intraoperative Radiotherapy for early stage breast cancer patients.

Intraoperative therapy is an evidence based treatment option; newly released off the TARGIT-A trial by Carl Zeiss, with 5 years of survival data. Only available at Halifax Health – Center for Oncology.

What is IORT

The INTRABEAM ® Radiotherapy System delivers a single fraction of radiotherapy during the time of lumpectomy preceding subsequently prescribed radiation therapy. This helps shorten treatment that may have otherwise taken five to six weeks to complete.

How does Intrabeam® IORT work  

  1. Treatment takes place immediately following the surgical lumpectomy procedure.
  2. Once the early stage tumor is removed, the radiation oncologist inserts the INTRABEAM applicator into the incision area where the tumor growth was previously located.
  3. Low levels of radiotherapy are admisistered for 20 to 30 minutes directly to the tissue area in the tumor bed, minimizing the exposure to surrounding healthy tissue.
  4. The applicator is then removed and the surgeon closes the opening.

What are the benefits of Intrabeam® IORT

  • Radiation therapy treatment time is reduced for the patient significantly; compare to traditional radiotherapy treatment options
  • Helps to minimize exposure to healthy tissue and organs.
  • Patients who need additional treatment with chemotherapy can receive it afterwards.
  • Same day treatment with no hospitalization required.

Were there any clinical trials performed?

Since 1998, the international TARGIT reserach group has been investigating this new method of delivering radiotherapy for breast cancer.  The TARGIT-A trial is currently the largest multicenter randomized clinical trial for intraoperaive raidiotherapy (IORT) in the field of partial breast irradiation.  The trial enrolled 3,451 patients in 33 international centers.

What were the results of the clinical trial?

The 5-year results of international TARGIT-A clinical trial support targeted intraoperative radiotherapy (TARGIT) delivered with the ZEISS INTRABEAM as non-inferior to external beam radiotherapy (EBRT) for selected early stage breast cancer patients. The TARGIT approach with INTRABEAM makes it possible for early-stage breast cancer patients to complete surgery and irradiation in a single session, while ensuring precise targeting of tumor margins within the tumor bed. (Patient selection criteria must be respected.)

Talk to your physician about whether or not Intrabeam® IORT may be an option for you.

More than 230,000 women in the U.S. are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. For the past 30 years, the choices for conventional radiation therapy were limited, patients would receieve radiation treatment sometimes taking upwards of 5-6 weeks and came with several difficult potential side effects.

Until now…Don’t let Radiotherapy steal an extra moment from your life

 Talk to your physician about breakthrough cancer radiation therapy treatment for early stage breast cancer.

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