Arts in Medicine

Cancer treatment is an unsettling time in every cancer patient’s journey. At Halifax Health – Center for Oncology we’ve developed the Arts in Medicine program to offer patients and their caregivers a chance to experience the therapeutic benefits of the arts during this time. Arts in Medicine gives patients a way to share who they are as a whole person, rather than one who is defined by a diagnosis.

Each patient’s experiences are responsive to their patient-led goals, not clinical goals, giving the patient an opportunity for relaxation, emotional release, company, entertainment, physical activity, distraction from stress and time to make and enjoy art.

Art Program Information

  • One-on-One Visual Art Experiences for Patients – One-on-one art experiences to patients by providing chairside art kits during treatment. These kits are designed for patients with any level of art familiarity so that both those with no art experience and the professional artist can all enjoy the creative process and find an outlet for expression.
  • Collaborative Visual Art Experiences for Patients, Family Members and Staff – An artist from the team creates a painting with the help of 10-12 patients. Gathered in a group, the patients make suggestions for what to paint, and the artist creates the painting during the session. This piece of art becomes a story told by the patients and the artist together.
  • Virtual Art Connection – Artist volunteers record and upload projects to the virtual art connection. This video format is an opportunity for patients, family members and staff to create on their own time when an in-person experience isn’t possible or convenient.
  • Musical Performances – Music will be used as an outlet for patients, caregivers and staff to take their minds off of the stress of medical treatment.


Meet Kristin Heron, Arts and Medicine Coordinator.  Kristin Heron, an artist herself, is the curator of education, outreach and exhibitions at Ormond Memorial Art Museum and Gardens where she manages outreach opportunities including veterans programs and the Art of Healing program.

Interested in volunteering for our Arts in Medicine Program? CLICK HERE for our Volunteer Application.

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