Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are carefully designed and executed investigations of new medical treatments, offering patients the most advanced therapies available. Accredited by the Association of Community Cancer Centers in 1956 and approved in 1983 as a Community Clinical Oncology Program; Halifax Health – Center for Oncology is the community leader for oncology research and clinical trials.

Clinical Trial Information

Serving East Central Florida communities and patients for decades and providing access to National Cooperative Group Clinical Trials, sponsored by the National Cancer Institute, Halifax Health – Center for Oncology has been able to provide the most advanced therapies; otherwise not available locally for patients diagnosed with cancer.

Halifax Health – Center for Oncology has provided ongoing access to a large variety of disease specific clinical trials during its history. Our patients have contributed to the advancement of cancer care, including new and improved cancer treatment, pathology and genetic advancements and discoveries, along with new supportive care measures.

Halifax Health – Center for Oncology continues to enroll and participate in various trials through affiliations and research partners:

  • ALLIANCE in Clinical Trials in Oncology through Mayo Clinic
  • Pharmaceutical-sponsored Trials
  • National Cancer Institute
  • University Based Studies

Central Florida Cancer Care

Halifax Health – Center for Oncology has produced a long list of “firsts” in oncology diagnosis and treatment. This should be a source of confidence for you, knowing we are leaders in the development of new and better ways to discover and treat cancer.