Education and Prevention

Halifax Health Centers for Oncology provides educational resources to help you with your cancer journey. Below you will find information on cancer screenings, diagnostics, side effects and The Josephine Field Davidson Cancer Resource Library.

Cancer Care Resources

Education and Prevention

The term screening refers to the regular use of certain examinations or tests in people who do not have any symptoms of cancer, but are at high risk for developing certain types of cancer. For many types of cancer, progress in the area of cancer screening has offered promise for earlier detection, which often results in higher cure rates.

Diagnosing cancer involves the use of a variety of tests that provide details about abnormal cells, which may have been detected through routine medical examinations, self-examination, or reported symptoms of cancer.

The treatment of a cancer may include the use of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, targeted therapy, surgery, or some combination of all of these or other therapeutic options. All of these treatment options are directed at killing or eradicating cancer cells. Unfortunately, cancer treatments may also damage normal, healthy cells that are not affected by the cancer.

This library is dedicated to the memory of Josephine Field Davidson (1921-1995), former editor of the Daytona Beach News-Journal and herself a cancer patient. We seek to continue Mrs. Davidson’s long-time commitment to providing accurate information

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Halifax Health – Center for Oncology has produced a long list of “firsts” in oncology diagnosis and treatment. This should be a source of confidence for you, knowing we are leaders in the development of new and better ways to discover and treat cancer.