Amputee Clinic

Halifax Health | Brooks Rehabilitation

The Amputee Clinic at Halifax Health | Brooks Rehabilitation provides an integrated, multidisciplinary approach to evaluate, rehabilitate and support people with amputations. Our multidisciplinary team includes an on-site physician, physical therapists and a psychology team working beside prosthetic companies in to improve outcomes and help patients achieve their highest level or recovery.

Highest Level of Amputee Care

The causes for amputation can include the following:

  • Diabetes and vascular disease
  • Blood Clots
  • Cancer-related amputation
  • Infection
  • Trauma
  • Congenital Amputation

This team will work with you to create a customized care plan for you and your recovery.

  • Physical Therapist
  • Physical Medicine & Rehab Physiatrist
  • Certified Prosthetic Providers

It takes time to heal after amputation. We create a customized recovery plan to help you get you back to your highest level of function.

First, the bandages and sutures are removed then cleaned prior to a medical team checking your limb. After the limb is cleaned and cleared by your doctor, you will receive a shrinker sock to reduce swelling of the limb. This is a very important step in the amputee process to make sure the prosthetic limb fitting is accurate.

Once the prosthetic is fitted and secure, rehabilitation will begin. A comprehensive assessment will take place to create a customized rehabilitation plan. This may include inpatient rehabilitation, home health services or outpatient rehabilitation.

At Halifax Health | Brooks Rehabilitation Center for Inpatient Rehabilitation, our team works collectively and regularly adjust the plan of care to meet the needs of you and your family.