Andrea Forster, BS, RN, CCM, CDCES

Andrea Forster, BS, RN, CCM, CDCES


Andrea Forster, BS, RN, CCM, CDCES is a Diabetes Nurse Navigator with The Lohman Center for Diabetes & Endocrinology. She assists patients with diabetes by identifying barriers to care and providing education and resources.

Forster attended Roxborough Memorial Hospital School of Nursing in Philadelphia, Pa., and received her Bachelor of Science in Health Care Leadership from National Louis University. As a registered nurse for over 35 years and a certified case manager for over 20 years, her background includes critical care, home health, utilization management, case management and leadership.

Diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes as a child, educating others to manage their diabetes has been a passion of Forster. She became a Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist (CDCES), and completed the Diabetes Educator Level 2 program with the American Association of Diabetes Educators. Additionally, she completed the NDPP Lifestyle Coach with the Centers for Disease Control National Diabetes Prevention Program.

The Nurse Navigator specializing in diabetes helps patients stay active and feel better by providing educational and lifestyle coaching. The Nurse Navigator performs screenings and monitors patients throughout treatment with pre-diabetes and diabetes. She Identifies barriers to care and provides education and resources. Halifax Health - Lohman Center for Diabetes and Endocrinology is the only facility in the region to offer this role.

What will my Nurse Navigator do for me?

› Help you navigate through the healthcare system

› Serve as a point of contact to create a seamless approach to your care

› Expedite scheduling for appointments and tests

› Collaborate with physicians, healthcare providers and team members to provide advice, support and real-time answers to your questions

› Connect you with local and national resources

Your Nurse Navigator is an educator, an advocate and a friend who will guide you through diagnosis, treatment and beyond. If you would like to speak with our Nurse Navigator, please contact Andrea Forster, BS, RN, CCM, CDCES at 386.425.4121 or

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