Isaiah is the immediate past national president and chair of the board of trustees for the American Medical Student Association. He served as a key organizational spokesperson for AMSA and as an active promoter of the organization’s educational programming, advocacy pursuits, and membership recruitment and engagement efforts. Isaiah spent a year in Washington D.C. serving fulltime in his role as AMSA president between 2019-2020, before joining the Halifax Family.

Halifax Health was at the top of Isaiah’s list for residency for many reasons. However, he really was excited by the fact that he would have the opportunity to work with underserved patients. Isaiah also likes the fact that at Halifax he will have the opportunity to continue with leadership and fight for equity, equality, and justice for all individuals both in health care and outside of health care. Family medicine is a perfect avenue for someone like Isaiah who has an interest in the politics of medicine. He hopes to use the breadth of knowledge that a developing family medicine physician learns to become a stronger advocate and perhaps one day seek a position in public office.