As a gymnast for 15 years, Dr. Wilson was a regular at the doctor’s office. She had a wonderful physician in middle school who helped her return to competition after vertebral fractures. He took the time to gain her family’s trust and learn her goals. She has wanted to be that physician for other athletes ever since! Dr. Wilson studied bio-engineering at Clemson University, where she was on the Clemson club gymnastics team and met her husband Chris playing intramural sports. For medical school, she attended Brody School of Medicine in North Carolina. She fell in love with family medicine for the following reasons: the variety of procedures, ability to treat newborns to adults, and involvement in the community. During med school, she continued to coach gymnastics and choreograph, and was a wish granter for Make a Wish Foundations helping with shopping sprees, Disney vacations, and meeting favorite NFL players. During her residency search, she prayed for God’s guidance to find a program that had strong sports medicine training for her fellowship goals as well as family atmosphere among residents and faculty. Halifax Health was the perfect fit! Outside of medicine she loves watching football, reading on the beach, aerial yoga, sand volleyball, and tennis.