UF Health Trauma Surgery at Halifax Health

Halifax Health and UF Health have joined forces to provide the highest level of trauma care in Volusia County. As the area’s ONLY Level II Trauma Center, when an unexpected emergency arises you can trust the expertise at Halifax Health.

The Area's Only Level II Trauma Center

When it comes to emergency situations, and especially when it involves trauma, mere seconds count. It can be the difference between detecting serious potential health issues and saving lives. As the area’s only Level II trauma center, we are required to have a trauma care team available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Halifax Health has collaborated with University of Florida Health (UF Health) to bring the highest level of care to Volusia County with a team of highly skilled trauma surgeons. The UF Health Trauma Surgery Team at Halifax Health covers three essential areas of patient care: trauma surgery, surgical critical care and emergency surgery. Our surgeons play a critical role in saving lives, and are surrounded by a team of trusted and caring physicians, experienced nurses, and staff.

Surgical Critical Care

Surgical critical care is a sub-specialty of surgery encompassing the care of the most complex surgical patients with most life-threatening surgical conditions. We offer intensive care management of the most complex surgical problems, including but not limited to,  hemodynamics, respiratory, neurologic metabolic, septic and haematologic issues arising in the intensive care unit.

Our UF Health Trauma Surgery Team possess advanced knowledge and skills allowing them to provide comprehensive care to critically ill patients. They are trained and multi-board certified in surgery, trauma surgery and surgical critical care, possessing a broad knowledge base and expertise concerning the biology of the critically ill surgical patient and the support of organ system functions.

Halifax Health Trauma Center - Level II Trauma Center

Acute Care Surgery

Our UF Health Trauma Surgeons have taken the principals of trauma care and applied them to patients with other urgent, time-sensitive surgical conditions.

They provide a full range of care to patients who are critically ill with acute surgical emergencies, in addition to caring for patients with traumatic injuries.

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