Weightloss Programs

Lighter Lifestyles – Weight Management Program

Successful weight management is a matter of learning and practicing new skills. This program focuses on teaching new lifestyle skills that will improve weight and overall health.

Diet Options

  • Lifestyle Plan
    • Individualized meal plans that use “real food” in combination with an exercise program. Promotes 1-2 pound fat loss per week.

HMR Weight Management Options

  • Very Low Calorie
    • Our most aggressive structured eating plan using Health Management Resources Products (HMR). Calories are kept between 520-800 calories/day. Patients consume 5 HMR weight loss shakes or soups daily. HMR prepackaged entrees and snack bars may be added. No “real” food allowed. Weekly physician visits and biweekly labs are part of the program.
  • 5+5 Plan
    • A moderately aggressive structured eating plan averaging 800 calories/day minimum. Patients will consume five HMR weight loss shakes or soup daily along with five servings of fruits and/or vegetables daily. No other “real” food allowed. Two physician visits each month and monthly labs are part of the program.
  • Healthy Solutions
    • A structured eating plan using HMR weight loss shakes and entrees along with five servings of fruits and/or vegetables. Calories average 1200 per day. No other “real” food allowed.

Program Features

  • Weekly Classes
    • Participants attend behavioral modification classes once a week. Patients are weighed at this class along with blood pressure checks.
  • Wellness Center
    • Participants undergo a fitness evaluation, have an exercise program developed and are given a “free” membership to our Wellness Center while in the program.
  • Insurance
    • We will accept insurance if weight management programs are authorized by the policy. Medicare, Medicaid and Patient Assistance programs are not covered at this time.

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