You Really Can Lose Weight, and Keep It Off

  • by Lisa Furlong
  • July 11, 2022
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How many times have you or others you know wanted to start a weight loss program, but you couldn’t afford the plan or you couldn’t afford the time?  Jennifer felt the same way.  She had heard about the HMR weight-loss program offered at Halifax Health but she had young children who kept her busy.  She had tried other programs but wasn’t learning how to keep the weight off once she lost it.

Once COVID-19 started she was able to take the time to begin HMR, which is ranked as one of the Best Fast Weight-Loss Diets by U.S. News & World Report for 7 years in a row.  At first, she started the at-home program with 1 meal, 3 shakes and fruits & vegetables along with exercise.  “I lost 25 pounds in 4 months and was amazed at the progress,” said Jennifer.

Upon approval from her physician, she was able to begin the 5+5 program with HMR which included 5 meals or shakes and at least 5 fruits or vegetables.  Jennifer also started weekly support classes and worked with an exercise physiologist in the Halifax Health – Wellness Center.  She began walking and wearing an Apple fitness watch, and little by little she started running. 

While Jennifer had lost weight on other programs, she hadn’t learned how to keep it off.  “This program gave me structure, and I learned how to say “no” to foods that were not healthy for me,” said Jennifer. “HMR doesn’t tell you your goals, you decide how much you want to commit to.  My goal was to weigh 180 pounds, and in 13 months I have lost 110 pounds surpassing that goal.”

Her advice for those considering a weight loss program is to learn about the HMR program at Halifax Health – Wellness Center.  Having accountability in her Facebook and Support groups helped keep her motivated.  “It’s so easy to put off losing weight.  It makes me sad to think about what I missed when I was unhappy with myself.  Before I was always the one in the back of a group photo, now I’m happy to be seen!”

Blog written by: Jennifer K., HMR participant

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