Mended Hearts

Halifax Health teams up with Mended Hearts to bring cardiovascular peer-to-peer support to our healthcare system.

Learning that there is a problem with your heart can be a frightening experience. If your condition requires surgery or another procedure, that can add another layer of stress. Why me? What happens now? Will I be able to go back to my routine, or will I have to make changes?

If you’re a caregiver for someone who’s just been through a heart event, you’re probably asking yourself questions too. How can I help my loved one adjust to his or her new life? What do I need to do to help take care of my loved one?

That’s where Mended Hearts can help. Mended Hearts is the nation’s oldest peer-to-peer support group for heart patients and caregivers. Mended Hearts’ physician-endorsed, peer-to-peer support network assists patients and caregivers from diagnoses through the journey of recovery with social, emotional, and practical support. Today, there are 300 chapters and 24,000 members in 48 states.

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