Treatment Philosophy

Halifax Health has a treatment philosophy that centers on four main concepts:

Holistic View of Individuals

A holistic view starts with the process of self-knowledge.  This process is the connection of mental and physical health and how they work together to achieve overall health and well being.

Treatment Team Approach

The Interdisciplinary Treatment Team is at the core of the treatment program. Patients are assessed by individual disciplines (i.e., physicians, nurses, social workers, recreation therapies, etc) who then coordinate treatment planning, goal setting and treatment implementation with the patient. Each team member that impacts a patient’s recovery has input into the treatment planning process.

Eclectic Treatment Approach

Treatment is individualized and various interventions are utilized to assure the most positive results.

Patient and Family Involvement

Patients and families are provided with many opportunities to give their input and opinion as the most important member of the treatment team. They are strongly encouraged to take active role in the treatment.

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