December 19th, 2023
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Halifax Health Celebrates Milestone Achievement with First-Ever Mako Total Hip Replacement Performed by Dr. Dominic Marino

by Nicholas Heiskell • December 19, 2023

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Daytona Beach, FL (December 19, 2023) – Halifax Health is excited to announce the successful completion of the first-ever Mako Assisted Total Hip Replacement procedure in the area, performed by Dr. Dominic Marino. This event marks a significant leap forward in orthopedic care, providing patients with an innovative and highly precise surgical solution for hip replacement.

Dr. Dominic Marino, orthopedic surgeon from The Orthopedic Clinic, with a reputation for excellence and innovation, conducted the surgery using the Mako Robotic-Arm Assisted Technology. This technology integrates advanced 3D imaging and precision guidance to enhance the accuracy and effectiveness of hip replacement surgeries by reducing variability in the procedure which could lead to complications in patient outcomes.

Mako Robotic-Arm Assisted Surgery is a technology that helps surgeons perform total joint replacement surgery with greater precision. The procedure uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve accuracy at all parts of the procedure. 

Notably, the patient underwent the procedure and was able to return home on the same day — a testament to the advancements in surgical techniques and the benefits of the Mako system in facilitating quicker recovery times.

The Mako system, initially utilized for knee surgeries by Dr. CB Williamson and Dr. James Bryan, has now expanded its application to include hip replacement and partial knee procedures. The acquisition of the Mako technology was made possible through the generous support of our Halifax Health – Foundation, demonstrating a commitment to investing in medical advancements for the benefit of the community.

Dr. Dominic Marino expressed his enthusiasm for the positive impact this technology will have on patient outcomes. “The Mako system’s precision and personalized approach to surgery not only ensures a more accurate placement of the hip implant but may also decrease the risk of postoperative complications and pain, allowing patients to return to their daily lives with greater ease and comfort,” said Dr. Marino.

Eric Little, Director of the Operating Room, shared his thoughts on the synergy between community surgeons leveraging Halifax Health technology for enhanced patient outcomes. “The collaboration between community surgeons and Halifax Health, as facilitated by the Mako technology, highlights the power of innovation in healthcare. By harnessing these advanced tools, we create a seamless environment where expertise and technology converge, ultimately leading to better patient experiences and outcomes,” commented Eric Little.

Halifax Health remains at the forefront of healthcare innovation, continually striving to provide the highest quality care to the community. The successful Mako Total Hip Replacement by Dr. Dominic Marino is a testament to the dedication of Halifax Health in advancing medical technologies for the benefit of patients.

About Halifax Health:

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