Preparing and Recovering from Heart Surgery

Important Information for Patients Preparing for and Recovering from Heart Surgery

We encourage you to watch the video above as your Heart and Vascular Team explains what to expect both pre- and post-op for your heart surgery. The video has important and detailed information about what to do before your surgery, like what medications you should hold off on before surgery.

Other topics covered in this video:

  • What can I expect the day of surgery?

  • Introduction to your surgery team

  • Important information for family and friends

  • What your surgery involves and what to expect

  • Night of surgery and post-op days one through three

  • Diet, Exercise and Medication

  • Cardiac Rehab Program

  • Do’s and Don’t of Discharge.

Family members are also encouraged to watch and learn what to expect.

Where do I check-in day of surgery?
The day of surgery you will check in at the Fountain Tower entrance at 5:00 am. From there you will be directed to same day surgery located on the third floor. Once the patient has been taken to surgery, the family will be directed to the third floor surgical waiting room.

Important Phone Numbers
Navigator Office: 386.425.1361
Surgeons Office: 386.241.1040
Questions: 386.425.5491 (Ask for the Charge Nurse)

Family visits the night of surgery
Family members are encouraged to visit; however, we do ask that visitors take a break from 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm to allow for your nursing team to change shifts efficiently and focus on the care on your loved ones.

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