Hospice Leadership Team

The Halifax Health – Hospice leadership team is dedicated to giving patients and their families the best possible end-of-life care. Below is a list of the Advisory Board members and Senior Management at Halifax Health- Hospice.

Advisory Board

  • Bill Griffin, Chair

  • Don Needham

  • Charlene Irland

  • Ed Connor

  • Missy Chaves

  • Sheryl Selby

  • Matt Gable

  • Cindy Kiel Evans

  • Victor Ramos

Senior Management

  • Jan Miller – Executive Director

  • Mary Fischer, MD – Medical Director

  • Erica Flores - Director of Business Operations

  • Dr. Robyn Bortle, ASNH, RN, MSN, DNP - Director of Quality and Education

  • Christian Figueroa - Director of Business Development

  • Kathy Garcia-Masse – Director of Clinical Operations

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