May 2nd, 2023
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How a Patient Navigator Changed a Patient’s Cancer Experience

Learn more about how a Halifax Health Patient Navigator changed a patient’s cancer experience.

“Hi my name is Molly Livingston and I first met Gina Lawrence when I was diagnosed with cancer about a year ago. She reached out to me almost immediately by a telephone and just explained her role as a Patient Navigator I feel like having a patient Navigator is an essential part of cancer treatment and not all Cancer Centers have it but Halifax Health does so that’s amazing for our community if someone doesn’t offer you a patient Navigator you should definitely ask for one Gina was amazing she called the doctors when I needed appointments on short notice she got medications ordered for me so that I didn’t have to go into the hospital or go to my doctor’s office she also I was hospitalized for nine days she came and saw me in the hospital most recently I went to an Imaging appointment and the order wasn’t quite right and I was able to text her and she immediately got the order faxed over to the Imaging Center and I was able to have it done she was just such an advocate to make sure that I was feeling okay and that I felt confident in the care that I was receiving and throughout the journey she and I have now have a friendship she’s amazing I can contact her whenever for whatever and she has always been there for me and I just really appreciate that.”

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