Early Transplant Facts

Facts about early kidney transplant:

  • Refer for transplant EARLY (minimum eGFR 25ml/min)

  • Patients are eligible to start gaining waiting time when eGFR is 20ml/min or below

  • Work up and approval for kidney transplant can take up to six months

  • Early transplant allows for better surgical outcomes and quality of life

  • Anyone can refer a patient for kidney transplant (any provider, health care professional or patients can self-refer)

  • Referring to Halifax Health - Center for Transplant Services allows patients to remain in the community and receive this life saving gift (adult kidney transplants only)

Because of the time it takes to get kidney transplant qualified for waitlisting, it is best to consider referring the CKD patient for transplant when the eGFR is 25ml/min or below. It is possible for the transplant center to work up the patient and get them qualified for transplant listing and schedule monthly labs so that as soon as the eGFR meets the criteria for listing (20ml/min) the patient can be actively listed and start gaining wait time.

Early referral provides time for identification and evaluation of potential living kidney donors as well as improved patient education regarding transplant options.

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