Kidney Transplant FAQs

If you have questions about kidney transplant services, please take a moment to review our Frequently Asked Questions.

  • If you have advanced kidney disease you could be a candidate for a kidney transplant. Additional requirements may be:

    • Being on dialysis

    • Kidney functions that are at or below 20%

    • Type 1 Diabetes with Chronic Kidney Disease

    • Acceptable lung function

    • Acceptable cardiovascular, vascular and lung function

    • BMI of <40

    • And others

    • With dialysis, one has a machine that acts as the kidney to filter your blood

    • During dialysis, the blood is only filtered during treatments while a functioning kidney filters blood 24/7

  • A doctor's referral isn't necessarily needed but your doctor may have test results and information that will make it easier for evaluation. But you are allowed to contact our transplant center on your own.

    • Yes, knowing your glomerular filtration rate (GFR) is always needed and beneficial

    • Your GFR needs to be 20 or below before evaluation

    • The earlier the better to start the discussion about transplant options

  • Due to the drugs and the follow-up medical care needed, even after the transplant surgery, insurance is usually encouraged. Our social worker can help you with insurance or other financial options.

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