Modified Barium Swallow Test

A Modified Barium Swallow Study (MBSS) is a test that uses an x-ray to assess your swallowing. It is completed with a Speech-Language Pathologist (swallowing and communication specialist) and radiologist. This procedure is designed to assess how you swallow, how the muscles are working, and if you are aspirating any solids or liquids. This helps determine if any strategies or exercises help improve your swallow or if diet changes should occur.

What We Offer

  • This test does not require fasting. You can go about your normal day including eating breakfast or lunch before coming. You may have to remove jewelry if it affects the view of your neck. After arriving to the hospital and checking in you’ll be taken back to the radiology room where the test will be completed. This test usually lasts about 10-15 minutes. The test involves sitting in front of an x-ray machine while you are given trials of liquids and some solid foods with a chalk-like substance (barium) so it is visible in the xray. This test looks at your mouth, airway and throat to see how food and liquid passes into the esophagus (aka “food tube”). This will provide the speech-language pathologist with information on your swallow to make appropriate recommendations, which may include strategies or exercises. If concerns are present, they may recommend diet changes or outpatient swallow therapy.

  • An MBS test could be requested from your provider in the cases of:

    • Potential cancers of the head and neck

    • Structural problems

    • Feeling of food/drink sticking in the throat

    • History of pneumonia or stroke causing swallowing difficulties

    • Progressive/ Neurological diseases (Parkinsons, ALS, MS, myasthenia gravis, cerebral palsy,etc)

    • Recent surgery of neck/throat resulting in swallowing difficulties

    • Any other concerns for swallowing issues (coughing, trouble moving food from mouth to throat, voice changes, pneumonia, etc)

  • An order from your provider is required for this test to be completed.

    Providers can fax orders to Halifax Health - Central Scheduling at 386.425.7744.

    Once providers have faxed over an order, patients can schedule a time for their MBS Test at Halifax Health - Central Scheduling at 386.425.2251 to schedule appointment.

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